Breaking Down The Los Angeles Dodgers For 2009

Everyone know the famous Christmas song that says, Its The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year This is certainly true for now Major League Baseball fans who are involved in the magic of off-season.

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Zac Efron Dotes On His Birthday Girl

As previously reported by Gossip Girls, the duo enjoyed a dining room two hours at Stanleys session, with even more pictures of High School Musical co-star lovers get lovey-Dovey with a l l other only to be released.. In what was very romantic trip, Vanessa Hudgen was all smiles as she was escorted away for his 20th birthday meal with boyfriend Zac Efron on Sunday afternoon (Dec. 14).

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Cincinnati Reds Deal For Ramon Hernandez

The Reds Just Completed an agreement with the baltimore orioles, obtaining catcher Ramon Hernandez in exchange for External Ryan Freel and Two Minor League Infielder.

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Keanu Reeves Fame Is A Drag

The day the Earth stood still star also insisted that he does not understand why people find his life so interesting. . Keanu Reeve revealed that he finds the continued public interest in his life a drag . Fame is drag, he said. The culture of paparazzi is more pervasive than it used to be - let look at the gas pump actor.

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Iconic Marilyn Monroe Photos To Auction

Christie auctioneers describe the collection as the largest to come to the market. Marilyn Monroe photographs celebrities, including his iconic, dress-lifting pose during a hot air vent, are due to be put to auction next week in New York. Other works by famous photographers like Helmut Newton will also block the auction on December 16 and 17..

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